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Homebuyers And Their Preferences

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We have witnessed a shift in lifestyle preferences in the past several decades with the millennials gradually taking over the real estate market as the main buyer group. While baby boomers were more focused on high-maintenance properties and homes that require quite some attention, millennials seem to want the opposite. They are fonder of low-maintenance homes but that still offer plenty of space....Read More

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A Buyer's Wish List Vs. Reality

Tags: homebuyers, budget, wants and needs, Edmonton real estate

Every potential homebuyer has a list of things they would love to see in their new home, but they are also often aware of their odds (if they can or cannot find/afford what they are looking for). Many homebuyers have to compromise and separate their wishes from their actual needs. One may dream about having a pool in the backyard, but would it really pay off in a neighborhood where pools are uncom...Read More

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Buy A Home Not Just For Now But For The Future

Tags: planning, future needs, home shopping, Edmonton

Buying a home isn't just about how you feel right now about it, but also about how you are going to see it in 7 or 10 years. Is it going to meet your needs even then or will it be of little use to you in the future? Buying a home requires reflecting on your life, future and plans and if you will like it equally at a later point. Maybe it's hard to predict the future, but if you have decide...Read More

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Invest In Your Home To Make It More Energy Efficient

Tags: energy efficiency, eco-friendly living, sustainable homes

Many homeowners have started to adjust their homes to make them more energy-efficient as they came to recognize the benefits of such an investment. Not only are energy- efficient homes eco-friendly but they can also reduce utility costs and save money.  Simple things like buying new appliances or replacing doors and windows can significantly contribute to a greener and healthier lifestyle. Ma...Read More

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Why Shop For A Home With A Mortgage Pre-Approval?

Tags: Mortgage pre-approval, home shopping, better odds

Buying a home is exciting and stressful at the same time for many homebuyers who try to make everything right to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Homebuyers browse through the listings, compare the homes, and eventually, schedule a visit to see a home. They have probably thought about how much they can afford, and perhaps, checked several online mortgage calculators to determine the mon...Read More

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New Vs. Resale Condos

Tags: Edmonton real estate, condos, new construction, resale

If you are one of the Edmonton buyers who is looking for a nice and comfy condo to settle in, there are several things you need to consider. Besides the size, the layout and location, you may also want to think about whether you are more of a resale or new construction condo type. Both come with their pros and cons, but the question is which one suits you better? Let’s take a look at their a...Read More

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Can't Sell Your Home? Maybe This Is Why

Tags: Selling your home, challenges, sitting in the market

  When sellers list their home, they certainly expect to find a decent buyer at first, but they get nervous if the response rate seems low and the home sits on the market even after several months. If you are in a similar position, it’s time to reflect back on your actions and see if you’ve done (or still doing) something that turns buyers off. Here are several points that could ...Read More

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Budgeting For Renovations: Kitchen And Bath 

Tags: Home Updates, Resale Value, Edmonton homes

If you are a homeowner who has been living for several years in their home, you have probably noticed that things don’t look as polished up and fresh anymore as they used to. The carpets and the furniture may look worn out; the kitchen cabinets may be squeaking and everything points that it’s time for a change. Whether you want a completely new kitchen, turn a room into an office or up...Read More

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Frustrating Situations Sellers Have To Deal With

Tags: Sellers, mishaps, real estate, sales transaction

You have finally prepared your home for sale, you cleaned, organized your stuff, fixed and repaired things, and now you are excited to open your home to curious buyers and let the show begin. You are aware that every buyer could be the one and you hope to find them as soon as possible. But, sellers sometimes forget that it can get frustrating at times during the home showing period. Not all buyers...Read More

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Why Should You Prefer Buying A Home Over Renting?

Tags: Renters Vs. Homeowners, real estate

In the recent years, we have seen a number of millennials questioning the well-rooted thesis of home ownership. Could they be right? It probably depends on the perspective, but the benefits home ownership brings along cannot be denied. Even if sometimes some circumstances speak for extending the rental lease for another year or two, homeownership is still the dream of the majority of today's b...Read More