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Landing Your Dream Home

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Even if the market is much quieter now and things probably won't go crazy as last year, it's still good to know how to beat other buyers when looking for a home. To land the home of your dreams in a good area requires having finances worked out, a good real estate agent and several other tricks to become the seller’s favorite. Aim To Get Mortgage-Preapproved And Not Just Pre-Qualifi...Read More

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Selling Your Home? These Things Can Devalue Your Home

Tags: Things that lower the value of your home, sellers, real estate

Sellers are often aware that preparing for a sale increases their odds of selling at a higher price, and while a clean and staged home usually leads to such an outcome, there are also certain things that are often overlooked by sellers. Maybe a minor scratch on the floor behind the sofa may remain unnoticed, but a damp patch on the ceiling probably won’t. Moreover, it could be a deal breaker...Read More

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Looking For A New Neighborhood? How To Find the Right One For You?

Tags: Moving, neighborhood, what is right for you

Finding the right type of neighborhood plays a crucial role in finding a happy home. Homebuyers have different preferences, and while some families or individuals want to live near a water body, others prefer to live surrounded by excellent amenities. Whether you are moving or looking for your first home, you should first have an idea of what kind of neighborhood meets your needs and what are your...Read More

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Home Prices in Edmonton in 2018


Canada’s prospects for 2018 look promising regarding the real estate market. A slight price increase is expected in the larger part of Canada, but not in Edmonton. For Edmonton, experts predict a drop in home prices. According to Royal LePage, prices will go down by 1.5% in the city which means that the average home price in 2018 will be around $382,000 while in 2017 it was $388,000. There ...Read More

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Why Do People Downsize?


Downsizing is mostly associated with retirement, but there is a series of other reasons why people decide to take on a smaller house or apartment. Sometimes, people realize that their home is simply too big and hard to maintain. Other times, they are tired of the hefty bills and high mortgage costs that come with bigger properties. Divorced people also often opt for downsizing whereby they hope to...Read More

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Benefits Of Selling Your Home In The Winter Season

Tags: winter Season, Holidays, SELL YOUR HOME, WINTER TIPS

We have already entered the jolly holiday season, and most of us have forgotten about the real estate market, for now, juggling between decorating our homes and buying Christmas presents. Even in times like this, the real estate market doesn’t really sleep, and there is a fair number of sellers and buyers out there trying to buy/sell their home. If you are one of the sellers whose home is ri...Read More

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Renovating Your Home? Do It Right!

Tags: Real estate, Home renovation, tools, materials, contractor,

It’s always exciting when homeowners decide to renovate their place whether it’s a detached house or condo apartment, but there is also a lot of to be taken into account before tearing the walls down. It’s a big investment, so it’s important to do it right. If it’s your first time, don’t make the rookie mistakes that could significantly increase or yet double yo...Read More

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Home Seller’s Guide: How To Prep For A Sale?

Tags: Real Estate, selling your home, seller's guide

Sellers usually enter the real estate market eager to sell as quickly as possible, but often end up with a home sitting in the market for longer than expected. Selling a home is a process that should start before the For Sale sing goes up. When selling a home, it's more about preparation and what you do before you list your home than what happens after your home has been listed. Preparation is...Read More

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How To Get Your Mortgage Approved?

Tags: Mortgage Approval

How To Get Your Mortgage Approved? Applying for a mortgage involves many steps you have to take to qualify for one. The lenders need to know that you are a reliable applicant who has the means to repay the mortgage. There are several factors that will define your creditworthiness. The first is your income. Lenders will certainly look at how much you make, as well as your regular housing costs (su...Read More

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What To Look For When Buying A House

Tags: Homebuyers, finding the right home

Buying a house is one of the biggest life decisions one can make. It is exciting and stressful at the same time. Even when you find a home that matches your budget and your needs, don’t rush your decision. Before investing all your money into a home, make sure it is in proper condition and right for you and your family. You will have to dig a little deeper under the surface to discover if so...Read More